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ICI Marine, Industrial Ignitors

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CoronaArc Spark Plug
& PowerArc Ignitor

Carona Arc Spark Plug, ICI Marine, Industrial Ignitors

CoronaArc Spark Plug
The CoronaArc system eliminates the use of a semiconductor on the firing end; yet it delivers a superior pulsating High Current Non-Fouling Ignition Arc.

  • Continuous High Temperature Exposure: Up to 2,000 deg. F.
  • Flexible Design: Available in many sizes and mounting configurations
  • Protruding fuel-grabbing electrode
    with superior alloys
  • Power & Reliability:
    No semi-conductor to absorb energy,
    No semi-conductor “electric seal" to fail
  • Low Maintenance Non-Retract Ignition.

Original PowerArc Circuit:

Current from a 2,000 volt transformer is rectified and charges a storage capacitor. When the capacitor reaches 2,000 volts, the Spark Gap, being set at the voltage, breaks down and effectively becomes a closed switch. Once the Spark Gap is shunted, the full amperage potential of the capacitor is delivered to the firing end of the Arc Probe. This is the Pulsed Arc that burns through contaminates.

Power Arc Spark Plug, ICI Marine, Industrial IgnitorsPower Arc Spark Plug, ICI Marine, Industrial Ignitors

New CaronaArc Circuit

This circuit is much the same as the PowerArc except the semiconductor material is eliminated. A second high voltage transformer and a supporting diode is added to create a continuous high voltage spark at the firing end of the ignitor electrode. The existence of this spark current at the surface of the ignitor electrode becomes the means by which the spark gap is referenced to ground potential and concurrently is the directed pathway by which the stored energy of the capacitor discharges a high current arc.

In other words, we create a high voltage spark at the firing end of the electrode, and the capacitor part of the circuit pulsates a high current arc through it.

The CoronaArc probe can be permanently placed in a high temperature radiant heat zone on modern Low NOx Burners and obtain reliable ignition. This is because there is combustible fuel swirling in front of the diffuser that is separate from the main fuel pattern and it is in a stagnation zone that facilitates flame propagation. The CornaArc ignition tip survives because it is not in direct contact with the main fuel spray. It sees the same radiant heat as the diffuser and it endures without needing retraction because it is made of similar materials.

Even on the most intense fuel ignitors (such as used on coal burners), the CoronaArc ignition electrode can be placed in direct contact with the fuel because the net temperature is still less than the probe's 2,000° limit.

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