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Radar Liquid Level Sensors:

Madison Radar Liquid Level SensorR3-100C232-ATE
Single Frequency Radar Level Measurement50 or 100 Ft Range
  • For turbulence, uneven surfaces, high pressure, vacuums
  • Programmable via communications port or Push Button
  • RS232 or RS485 comm port options
  • NEMA 4 (IP65)
Madison Radar Liquid Level SensorR4-100R2R6
Dual Frequency Radar Level Measurement33, 50 and 100 Ft Range
  • Increased range over single frequency radar
  • Also used for open channel flow and uneven, dusty solids (gravel and aggregates)
  • 6.3 GHz and 26 GHz options

Operating Principle

Madison Radar Liquid Level Sensor The microwave rod antenna is stimulated by an electromagnetic pulse transmitter and sends very short pulses to a target. The pulses reflect from the target and then they are received back by the same antenna. The electrical signal from the antenna is amplified and processed. The distance to an object is calculated and then converted to 4-20 mA. Optionally, level information is also sent to a PC via RS232 or RS485 for diagnostic data logging and programmable set-up.

Unit Architecture

Simple mounting and push-button calibration make for a very easy installation. Calibration can be completed on the bench or in the field by following simple instructions. The sensor can be threaded directly into a 2" NPT metal or plastic flange. Madison Radar Liquid Level Sensor

Radar Sensor Still-Pipe Mounting:

Madison Radar Liquid Level Sensor No end cut is required for pipes with Inner Dimensions of 6" or less.

End cut of 45° is required for pipes longer than 10.5"; the ID of the pipe must be greater than 6".

Madison point level float switches use reed switch technology that is simple, reliable, and durable. They operate in an on/off state, and are used to control an external device such as an alarm or an on/off switch. Because OEMs need sensors for tanks that vary in width and height, certain point level float switches are offered with field-adjustable stem lengths. This provides an OEM with the advantage of using only one or two sensors for their application instead of several.

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