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Signatrol Data Loggers

Signatrol manufactures and supplies a wide range of data loggers and data logging systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

They specialise in monitoring product in production, storage and distribution.

Their data loggers are mainly used to monitor the environmental conditions of sensitive goods and keep products safe during storage or transportation.

USB Temperature Data Logger

Self contained, battery powered, USB data logger

The SL52USB is a single channel temperature data logger.

The SL54USB records temperature and relative humidity.

All USB data loggers plug directly into the USB port of the computer for configuration and data download.

All USB data loggers are fully compatible with our user friendly software - TempIT.

Button Loggers

Self contained, Multiple use, Temperature / Humidity Data Loggers

Signatrol Button Logger

Common Applications:

  • Food Processing
  • Storage
  • Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental Monitoring

The SL50 series are miniature single channel temperature data loggers that are incredibly small being only 17mm in diameter and 6mm thick.

Ability to record up to 8,000 temperature points over the range +60°F to +284°F.

The SL50-Interface-USB cable connects to the USB port of any PC and compatible with the free TempIT-LITE operating software.

Signatrol Data Loggers

USB Temperature Data Logger
With LCD Display

The RC51T is a battery powered USB temperature data logger ideal for monitoring temperature of goods in transit. The software is available as a free of charge download and is used to configure the data logger and to produce the reports.

The RC51T can be configured for sample rates from 10 seconds up to 24 hours and has a reusable memory of 32,000 readings. The accuracy from -4°F to +100°F is ±0.5°F. The battery life is 12 months and the battery is user replaceable.

The RC51T-A is supplied with a three temperature point, UKAS 17025 traceable calibration certificate. Both the RC51T and the RC51T-A are available in packs of 10pcs. The operating software is supplied as a free of charge download from the Signatrol website. The data is downloaded from the data logger in AI format which can easily be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

RC51T Specifications
Power:Internal Battery
Battery Life:Typically 1 year at 78°F with a 15 minute sample rate.
Temperature Range:-22°F to +158°F (-30°C to +70°C)
Resolution :0.1°F
Number of Readings:32,000
IP Rating:IP65 0 to 95%RH Non Condensing
Sample Rate:10 seconds to 24 hours
Report Format:AI file. Can easily be opened in Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.
Software Alarms:High and low alarms, cumulative alarms
Material:Polycarbonate and ABS
Warranty:1 Year
Dimensions:5" (L) x 1" (Dia)
Signatrol Data Loggers
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