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DXN Hybrid Flow Meter
DXN Hybrid Flow Meter

The DXN Ultrasonic Hybrid Portable Flow Meter

The DXN can measure the flow of pure liquids as well as liquids with entrained solids or aeration. The transmitter will switch between transit time and Doppler measurements on the fly based on the condition of the media inside the pipe.

At Derex, Inc. our entire rental fleet consists of DXN flowmeters. Our rental units experience a wide variety of applications and conditions and the DXN has proven itself to be reliable, rugged, accurate and maintenance-free.

This unit can measure: Flow Rate, Temperature in Liquid.

Rentals Include:

krohne ultrasonic flow meter
DXN Transmitter:
Transit Time / Doppler Hybrid Ultrasonic
1 gb onboard data logger storage
AC/DC, li ion battery + auxiliary connections
3 Transit Time sets (Small, Medium & Large)
1 Doppler set
1 Pipe Thickness Sensor
Output Junction Box:
4-20 mA
Digital Output (OC)
Voltage Output, etc.
USB Thumb Drive
Contains the Digital Manual
Save / Export Logs to your PC in Excel format
All Cables and Carrying Cases
*RTD Thermal Sensors available on request

The DXN Portable Ultrasonic Flow and Energy Meter is a true hybrid instrument, capable of measuring liquid flow with multiple technologies, including: Doppler, transit time and liquid thermal (heat energy) flow. Easy to install by clamping onto the outside of the pipe, the DXN measures flow using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors. Compatible with a pipe wall thickness gauge, inside pipe diameter can be verified to ensure accurate ultrasonic measurements when piping details are unknown or unavailable.

The DXN has a number of advanced features including a touchscreen interface, full-color graphing, wizard-based start-up configuration, USB connectivity, and Modbus TCP/IP connectivity. These features make it easy for technicians to obtain accurate readings while capturing flow surges and high-speed batch operations.

The DXN captures and displays multiple user-defined and application parameters at once and can record the data with an easy-to-use data logging function. The ability to monitor and record several parameters at once allows technicians to verify and troubleshoot permanent flow installations with ease. The compact design fits the meter and accessories into one convenient over-the-shoulder bag for easy portability. Applications include clean, solids-bearingor aerated liquids in closed full pipes 1/2 inch(12 mm) and larger.


Transit time flow meters measure the time difference between the travel time of an ultrasound wave going with the fluid flow and then against the fluid flow. This time difference is used to calculate the velocity of the fluid traveling in a closed-pipe system. The transducers used in transit time measurements operate alternately as transmitters and receivers. Transit time measurements are bi-directional and are most effective for fluids that have low concentrations of suspended solids.

Doppler flow meters operate by transmitting an ultrasonic wave from a transducer through the pipe wall and into the moving liquid. The sound wave is reflected by suspended particles or bubbles moving with the liquid and ultimately gathered by the receiving transducer. A frequency shift (Doppler effect) will occur that is directly proportional to the speed of the moving particles or bubbles. This shift in frequency is interpreted by the digital signal processor (DSP) and converted to a fluid velocity measurement.

Using its built-in hybrid technology, the DXN will automatically choose which type of flow measurement to read based on signal quality during operation. Regardless of the method used to determine velocity, multiplying the pipe’s cross-sectional area by the fluid velocity produces a volumetric flow rate. The measurement also presumes that the pipe is completely full during the measurement cycle.

When used in conjunction with flow measurement, temperature measurements can yield energy usage readings in the form of heat flow. To find the net heat loss or gain, energy usage is calculated by multiplying the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid by the change of heat content in the fluid after it has done some kind of work. An ultrasonic meter equipped with heat flow capabilities measures the rate and quantity of heat delivered or removed from devices such as heat exchangers. The instrument measures the volumetric flow rate of the heat exchanger liquid, the temperature at the inlet pipe and the temperature at the outlet pipe.

Parts and Accessories - Power Cables
Part NumberDescription
D005-2109-013North American Plug (2 flat & 1 round prong; NEMA 5/15P
D005-2109-015UK Plug (3 rectangular prongs; BS1363A)
D005-2109-016European Plug (2 round prongs; CEE7/7
D005-2109-017Japan Plug (2 flat & 1 round, JIS8303, w/ 3-2 prong adapter)
D005-2109-014China Plug (3 flat prongs; GB2099)
D005-2109-018Australian Power Plug (3 Flat Prongs; AS3112)
D005-2129-020Transit Time Cables, 20 ft (6 m)
D005-2129-050Transit Time Cables, 50 ft (15 m)
D005-2129-100Transit Time Cables, 100 ft (30 m)
D005-2130-020Doppler Cables, 20 ft (6 m)
D005-2130-050Doppler Cables, 50 ft (15 m
D005-2130-100Doppler Cables, 100 ft (30 m)
Parts and Accessories - Transducers (Heads w/Case)
Part NumberDescription
D010-2200-002-CDTTSU Universal Small Pipe (Pipe OD 0.5 in. to 2.4 in.)
D071-0107-302-C DTTR Standard Pipe (Pipe OD 2.0 in. to 98 in.)
D071-0110-200-C DTTL Large Pipe (Pipe OD 16 in. to 120 in.)
D071-0112-001-C DT94 Doppler Transducer (Pipe OD 1 in. to 60 in.)
DTTH-020-D000-N-CDTTH High Temperature, Standard Pipe Kit (Pipe OD 2 in. to 98 in.)
Parts and Accessories - Spare Parts
Part NumberDescription
D002-2007-0040 - 392º F (0 - 200º C) RTD Silicone stretch tape
D002-2007-001 36 in. (914 mm) SS Hose clamp / transducer strap
D002-2007-005 72 in. (1829 mm) SS Hose clamp / transducer strap
D002-2011-014 AcquaSonic 100
D002-2011-001Acoustic couplant, grease (Dow 111), 150° F, 5.3 oz tube
D002-2011-011Acoustic couplant, paste high temperature, 5 oz tube, 392° F
D010-2102-310 DTTR rail
D040-0115-003-TWall thickness gauge, 6 ft (1.83 m)
D010-3000-128Industrial RTD Kit 1 , 1000 Ohm, 392° F (200° C); 20 ft (6 m) cable
D010-3000-130Industrial RTD Kit 1 , 1000 Ohm, 392° F (200° C); 50 ft (15 m) cable
D010-3000-132Industrial RTD Kit 1 , 1000 Ohm, 392° F (200° C); 100 ft (30 m) cable
DXN Portable Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter